Small Animal Fun

AGILITY! TRICKS!! TASKS!!! Guinea Pig-Cavy, Pet Fancy Rat-Rattie, Hamster, Gerbil, Mice-Mouse, Degu, Chinchilla, Rabbit and more! Learn to teach your Small Animals an Agility Course, how to get started in Agility with Small Animals, Learn to teach them Tricks and Tasks and more. Welcome to our site!

Welcome to our website. A Christmas 2007 Gift from my husband.

ginaobrian 2006-01-21.jpgDeron and I have had and do have many small animals (and big ones too) We have had or have, trained, bred and loved a Mouse, and Mice, Dwarf Hamster, Hamsters including an Alien Hamster (Hairless), Gerbils, Rats (Ratties), Degus, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits..... I have had small animals most of my life, one type of another or several types all at once.

Teddy On A Purple Bar Jump
Small Animals make great pets and can be trained to do tasks and tricks if you spend the time with them. You might be surprised at what a small animal can be taught to do. You might also be surprised at what a great pet a small animal can be.

Tamrattor HarryWho 2006-09-24.jpg
This site will take some time to set up, but we hope to have a Monthly Photo Contest set up soon!! We will be adding care pages for small animals, training and or trick ideas and information, a page for photos of our own, and photo pages for our members, a Monthly Photo Contest with prizes, Small Animal Recipes, and more. We hope this becomes a fun site for all.

Why is the site called Small Animal Fun? We hope to show you how to have some fun with your own small animals. Such as trick training, agility training, making your own food items for them, doing some crafts for them and with their shapes on your own items and hopefully more ideas too.

applehoop1 2004-12-02.jpg
I hope that this site will answer the questions:
Are small pets good pets?
What can you do with a (fill in the blank with a small animal name)?
Can small animals be trained?
Agility for small animals?
Don't they bite?
Don't they stink?
What about my other animals, cat and dog?

janie in h 2006-03-31.jpg
The contents of this page for Front Page is a work in progress. All of the photos you see on this site are photos of our own animals (except in the photo contest and if otherwise noted) All photos and writings are copyrighted. Please check back for more later, we are working on this site frequently!

-- The Small Animal Fun Team

All Warm, Not Leaving!We do host a few (several more then these if you are interested) Yahoo Groups eLists. One Yahoo Groups elists you can meet folks that have the same types of animals that you enjoy. If you have questions or problems you need answers for, also if you just want to talk to people that love their little animals just like you do.....people that "get it". Please join, love to have you!!

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You alone are responsible for training your animals. Any training you do with your animals is your responsibility. We only tell of what has worked for us with our animals. We can not and will not except responsibility for something so far out of our control, people we do not know, training, who knows how, with animals we have never seen.

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