Zhu Zhu Hamsters

Zhu Zhu Couple

Yes, it is true. For my 53rd Birthday my husband gave me two Zhu Zhu Hamsters. I had lost my favorite four hamsters to old age and had told him I wanted to buy new babies. I am so picky about disposition and personality of animals I purchase as well as their color and I was getting very disappointed with what I was finding. So for fun, he found these. Maybe, just maybe I had mentioned how cute I thought they are.

Zhu Zhu Cowboys

Some adults, mostly men with good jobs, collect toy trains. Like Toy Trains Zhu Zhu Hamsters offer a good time to more than just the children that play with them and the Hamster Loving Adults that collect them. Zhu Zhu Hamsters are a type of robotic toy that can be manipulated into different plays by the Tech Engineers as well as painted with dye and decorated for the Artists.

Far more to come on this subject, we are working on a page called Zhu Zhu Make Over, check menu and please visit that page too.

Toy Hamster Collection 1

Zhu Zhu Pets can be used as decoys to train animals, such as dogs and cats, to leave your real live small pets alone. You can set the Zhu Zhu on the floor and basically "bait" your larger pet to go after it. When it does the "NO!" training begins.(more to come)

I too am interested to see just what kind of Agility Equipment these little robots might be able to manipulate. <she grins> But mostly they make great props, for photos and videos. They also make great conversation pieces.

Zhu Zhu Valentine's Day Dress

Come see the items we do have for sale to accessorize your Zhu Zhu Hamster in our Shop. You will only pay shipping on one item when ordering for Marna's Menagerie. It will not matter how many items you place in your cart per visit, you only pay shipping on the heaviest item you choose.

Little Pink Hamster

This cute little pink hamster came from a .25 Claw Game you see in department stores and restaurants. Deron is very good at the Claw Game, so when I pointed out the little hamster, a quarter went in, and it came out.

Close up of part of the collection of Hamster Toys

Just a close up of part of the small collection of Hamster Toys.

Zhu Zhu Warriors with Claw Toy Hamster

The two Zhu Zhu Warriors were on sale.....well, I could not just leave them. I did not know til after leaving the store that these hamsters are a bit different and will react to the programs set in the plastic warrior shells when they are set over them. Also, the little blue hamster toy is another .25 Claw Machine gets.

Beanie Baby Santa Hamster

Ever put something up and then you can not remember where up was? I did that. A very good friend of mine, Nichole in TN sent this to me with some Breyer Horses. I put it up and then when I was ready to photograph it, I could not find it.....

St Pat's Toy Hamsters

An outfit, clothes and costumes for every Holiday and for everyday. Not just for Zhu Zhu Hamsters, but other Hamster toys also. AND! We make and sell clothing costumes and outfits for LIVE hamsters also.

Kung Zhu Collection

Our Kung Zhu Collection. We actually bought most of these on sale for video props and to try to reprogram, customize and more with the Zhu Zhu Hamsters. But aren't these just the cutest! See our Zhu Zhu Make Over! page.

Here is a fun little video with not only a Live Hamster doing agility, as well as ratties, but also Zhu Zhus. We hope you will take a moment and have a look.

The contents of this page for Zhu Zhu Hamsters is still under construction. Please check back later!

-- The Hamster Agility Team
Thu, 11 Mar 2010 19:55:34 -0500

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