Pet Fancy Rat Training

Pet Fancy Rat Training, Clothes, Outfits, Costumes, Agility, Tricks, Tasks and more! We have an entire site set up for information on teaching your rattie to learn. If you teach one thing, you will want to train more. Rats learn fast and well. See the site for more information If you are looking to train your fancy rat, visit our sister site. All the photos below are of our own rats...and copyrighted.

Thanksgiving Feast Little Mac Runs the Barrels! Gypsy In Her Pirate Outfit santamax2 2004-11-29.jpg

Tamrattor HarryWho 2006-09-24.jpg Little Mac on the Hamster Agility Equipment A-Frame Phydeaux Bowling Regina Agility

Gypsy Training Nineveh Playing The Piano


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